Plask MotionCapture API is a REST-based paid API that provides a function to download a motion file created after performing motion capture on a video file provided by a customer.

It authenticates by calling the API using the issued access key and provides API usage history inquiry, access key management, and motion capture result history inquiry function, as well as motion capture function.


For motion capture, you will be charged according to the credit rate set separately based on the length (number of frames) of the video file provided and the Multi-Person option (see separate document).

API endpoint

Base URL

Read method URL:

Write method URL:

API authentication

Header: ‘Authorization’

PLSK1-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=[AccessKey], Body=[BodyHash], Signature=[timestamp(ms)]:[HMAC hex]


PLSK1-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=AKIA5QKJTP5Z23CFYJWK, Body=9bb58f26192e4ba00f01e2e7b136bbd8,  Signature=1648167004270:76251c6323fbf6355f23816a4c2e12edfd10672517104763ab1b10f078277f86